Gardens and Grounds

Bell Primary Gardens and Grounds is a group of Bell PS parents and teachers who are active in maintaining and improving the gardens and grounds.


Gardens and Grounds run regular working bees, grow plants, conduct summer watering and have a representative on School Council.


Priorities in 2016 include:

•  repairing the school ovals

•  installing the additional 5 beaches

•  expanding the tank based watering system


Keep a look out for the various working bees we run throughout the school year. The more parents we have along, the more we get done and the better the gardens and grounds will look.


If your are interested in being involved or have any ideas please contact us by phone, facebook page  or email or say hi if you see us at pick up and drop off:


                                                              Keep informed by joining

                                                              •  the Facebook group -


                                                              •  and checking the school calendar and newsletter



                                                             Nada Todorovich – Garden and Grounds Organiser - 0488 097 797


                                                             Gardens and Grounds would also like to thank Anna Buchanan, Bell teacher, for the amazing work she does in                                                              this area and the support she has given to the Gardens and Grounds group.


                                                            We would also like to thank the Sunday Crew for their good work each month.

​Challenging and Supporting​ Each Other...



78A Oakover Rd, Preston 3072;   Phone: 03 9480 5622;   Email: