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Throughout the history of Bell Primary School enrolment numbers have shrunk and grown in line with the local demographics. The school is currently in the middle of a growth period with school enrolment student population increasing from 208 in 2008 to around 526 in 2018, and potentially in excess of 800 students in 2020. The rapid growth has created pressure on the existing school facilities and grounds.


In 2015 the Bell Primary School established a working committee to implement a planning exercise to ensure the school facilities are suitable to accommodate the projected student population and current education practices are considered. The working committee is made up of parent and school representatives.


The purpose of the plan is to provide a level of certainty for the provision of infrastructure to accommodate the anticipated increase in student population. The plan will assist with planning of investment in the school for gardens and grounds and fundraising to ensure there is limited wasted expenditure on infrastructure and that investments are made to meet the current and future facility needs.


The Strategic Infrastructure Group will be meeting regularly over the next few months and will be consulting broadly across the community with all stakeholders. There will be reports made regularly through Bell News and to School Council.


Glenn Dunstone



This plan has been prepared by Croxon Ramsay for the Strategic Infrastructure Group for consultation and discussion purposes only. Please direct all correspondence to the school. Glen Dunstone:

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