Bell Primary School fosters a culture of collaboration amongst teachers. They regularly meet in year level teams to look at assessment and discuss observations to plan lessons and units of work that are engaging and targeted at students’ individual level of need. There is daily explicit teaching and learning in every classroom. Teachers employ a range of whole class, small group and individual instructional practices based on the needs of their students.

At Bell Primary School daily mathematics instruction is part of every classroom. Students across the school are introduced to mathematical concepts from each strand of the Victorian Curriculum; Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability.

The essential features of our Mathematics teaching include; 

  • A focus on teaching key concepts
  • The use of concrete materials
  • Problem solving skills that can be applied in real life
  • Explicit teaching
  • Open ended problems

What can you do at home to support the learning of your child?

  • Incorporating counting into everyday activities (e.g. pieces of fruit, houses you walk past on the street, steps and how many grocery items you put in your trolley).
  • Number Hunting (say the numbers on houses, car number plates, signs, calendars, newspapers and catalogues).
  • Discussing measurements when cooking (e.g. teaspoons, litres and cups).
  • Play board and card games to practise counting, addition and subtraction, change and probability.
  • Playing shop, using fake or real money to buy and sell items and calculate change.
  • Take older children shopping, encouraging them to make estimations about how much the shopping will come to.