Bell Primary School welcomes enrolments from local families, with priority given to those living in the school’s Designated Neighbourhood Area. Currently, families living beyond our Designated Neighbourhood Area are invited to enrol as space is available. Please contact Jessie Storm (Enrolments Officer) at jessie.storm@education.vic.gov.au if you require further information about the enrolment process. Jessie can direct your enquiry to David Twite (Principal) or Emma Heywood (Assistant Principal) if necessary. 


To view upcoming school tours and place a booking, please click here.


A virtual school tour is available via this link:  Click here to view a video about our school. 


Victorian government schools open for 2025 enrolments from Monday April 15th, 2024, with the formal Prep enrolment period ending on Friday July 26th, after which time families will be informed of the outcome of their child’s enrolment application. Enrolments can still be submitted after this date but for planning purposes we kindly ask that they are submitted within the enrolment period if possible.


Enrolment forms are available on this website (hyperlink below) or from the school office and can be submitted with supporting documents to the school office or sent to bell.ps@education.vic.gov.au.


Please see the Curriculum, Wellbeing, Community and Communication tabs at the top of this website for further information on learning programs, extra-curricular activities, newsletters and other relevant parent/carer documentation.  


For more information and guidance on starting school, click here: https://www.vic.gov.au/starting-school


Enrolment requirements:


  • Student Enrolment Form  (To be completed by the Primary Family, Alternate Family and/or Additional Family)
  • Birth certificate/passport  (Copy required)
  • Australian Immunisation Record  (Copy required)
  • Proof of residence (eg utility bill)  (Copy required)
  • Visa grant notice & passport (If your child was born outside Australia)
  • Find My School  (DET website to confirm your closest school)