The Music program is an engaging and collaborative experience for students from Prep-Grade 6 that supports key school values such as Creativity, Curiosity and Collaboration. The program uses elements of the Orff, Kodály and Musical Futures approaches to music education. Students explore the elements of music through:

  • experimenting
  • composing
  • collaborating
  • performing
  • singing
  • dancing
  • listening
  • responding

We have an extensive range of instruments at the school including xylophones, ukuleles, keyboards, guitars, drums and various percussion instruments. Students are also exposed to music technology using programs such as Garageband and websites such as Chrome Music Lab. 
Extension programs offered in the senior school for Grades 5 and 6 students include the Rock Band and Senior Vocal Ensemble. Performance opportunities for these ensembles include school assemblies, the school fete, lunchtime concerts, Grandparents Day and school orientation days. Popular lunchtime clubs are also run throughout the year and include Junior Jam Club (P-2) and Open Mic Club (Grade 3/4). Large-scale, whole-school performance events such as the recent La Bellissima Festa are a powerful opportunity for students from P-6 to engage in authentic performance experiences for our community.  

Click here to view a performance by our Rock Band

The Senior Vocal Ensemble have also been featured as part of the Arts Centre Melbourne’s ‘Australian Music Vault Choir Project’.