Visual Art

Learning in the Visual Arts encourages students’ creative thinking and ability to express themselves. Units of work are based on a range of themes such as a style or historical period of art, a theme such as ‘Environmental Art’, the practise of an individual artist, or particular a cultural context such as Art by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. All units of work allow students to:

  • Experiment with materials and techniques
  • Explore how ideas are expressed in art
  • Create artworks for display around the school
  • View and discuss a broad range of artworks with their peers

Students are given opportunities to explore the elements and principles of art and develop creative processes as they learn to think and work as artists. Students use an Art Journal from Prep to Grade 6 to record creative thinking processes such as brainstorming, researching and planning their artworks. They are supported to reflect on their work with a growth mindset and discuss how their ideas can be improved during the art-making process. Students learn skills specific to the forms of drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, collaging, constructing, modelling and carving, textiles & craft.


The Art extension program is available to selected students to further develop their skills and interact with students from different year levels who share their passion. Students are invited to participate in an additional weekly session of Art focusing on a long term project. ‘Senior Art’ runs for one group of Grade 4-6 students in Term 1&2. Junior Art runs for Grade 1-3 students in Term 3 and Term 4.


The Visual Art program fosters participation and enjoyment, risk taking and problem solving. It encourages the school values of Creativity, Curiosity and Resilience.