Term Dates, Curriculum Days & School Times

Daily Structure
8:50am- First bell. Students enter classrooms, get organised and ready to commence learning at 9am.
9:00-9:50am- Session 1
9:50-10:40am- Session 2
10:40-11:30am- Session 3
11:30-11:40am- Eating time
11:40-12:20pm- First break
12:20-1:10pm- Session 4
1:10-2:00pm- Session 5
2:00-2:10pm- Eating time
2:10-2:40pm- Second break
2:40-3:30pm- Session 6

Curriculum Days 2022 (Students do not attend school on these days)
Friday January 28

Friday March 11


2022 Term Dates
Term 1

Monday 31st January - Friday 8th April

Term 2

Tuesday 26th April - Friday 24th June

Term 3

Monday 11th July- Friday 16th September

Term 4

Monday 3rd October- Tuesday 20th December


2023 Term Dates
Term 1

Monday 30th January - Thursday 6th April

Term 2

Monday 24th April - Friday 23rd June

Term 3

Monday 10th July- Friday 15th September

Term 4

Monday 2nd October- Wednesday 20th December