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Compass school management system is the main method we use to communicate with the parent/carer community. This platform streamlines communication as we are able to send out newsfeeds to individual classes, year levels and the whole school.

Parents/carers are able to use Compass to pay and provide consent for camps, excursions/ incursions, book parent-carer/teacher interviews, access student reports and log full-day student absences.

By downloading the app, notifications can be received by parents/carers when new content is posted.


Parent/Carer Tutorials

Please click on the sections below to access assistance with navigating the features of Compass.

Using the Compass School Manager App​ 

This video takes parents through the range of features and options of the Compass School Manager app including adding notes, accessing reports and viewing the newsfeed.

Parent Portal Overview

Parents/carers are taken through aspects such as how to access their child’s information, the menu content, newsfeed and more to assist with becoming familiar with their parent portal.

Adding a Note/Approval

Parents/carers are shown the process of adding a note to explain their child’s attendance after their child has been marked Not Present/Unexplained and how to add a note in advance for a known upcoming absence.

Booking a Parent Teacher Conference

This video covers the process of booking a Parent Teacher Conference.

Events, Consent and Payments

Information on providing consent and making payments for camps, excursions and other events.   

Parent/Carer Payments

A step by step guide to take you through paying your school contributions through the Compass App or Browser.