Bell Primary prides itself on its fabulous fundraising events and always aims to put the FUN into FUNdraising. At its core, fundraising at Bell Primary brings the community together. It allows the parents to become actively involved in the school, develop relationships with other Bell families and helps to raise valuable funds to continually improve Bell Primary.

The students truly benefit as well. Fundraising events not only teach them the value of money, but they are able to see that if they put their minds to something and we come together as a community, we can achieve a valuable target (..and have some fun at the same time!).


Some of the fantastic fundraising events held throughout the year are:

Cupcake Day Stall: Families bake cupcakes and the students get to go to a little shop set up by the parents to buy them.

Mother's, Father's and Special Person's Day Stall: This is a super popular event. Unlike a lot of other schools, the Bell Primary community makes homemade gifts to sell at the stall. The students love coming in and getting a chance to choose & buy something special for that caring person in their life.

Trivia Night: This is a big adult social event on the Bell Primary calendar. With over 300 parents and teachers attending, it is a fun night full of trivia, dancing and games.

School Fete: This is currently held biannually and is a great celebration where Bell Primary celebrates with not only our own community but also welcomes the broader community to join in for a fun-filled day.

On top of these events there are many other fundraisers often facilitated including: Kid’s movie nights, Icy-pole days, Mango drives, and several others that interchange throughout the years. The Fundraising Team always welcomes new fundraising ideas.

Each year, fundraising targets are established for Bell Primary based upon whole school community consultation to ensure funds raised go towards directly benefiting our students. Recent fundraising targets that have been reached and implemented include the development of the Northern Play Space, installation of 21st century learning equipment and furnishings in each classroom and the purchasing of classroom sporting equipment sets.