Our History

Bell Primary School (No. 4309)

On August 13, 1928 Bell State School was opened in Oakover Road, Preston by Robert O'Brien with 480 students enrolled on the first morning. By 1935 the number of students had reached 700. The symbol chosen for the new school was a bell with the motto "Ring, True".

The school was built on low-lying swampy land and hundreds of truckloads of earth had to be spread in its yard. This may have contributed to the fact that in the first few years the school twice won a prize for the best garden and grounds in the district.

In 1988 Bell Primary celebrated 60 years by burying a time capsule to be opened on its 100th birthday in 2028.
Then Premier and former Bell student John Cain was there to lend a helping hand.

(Source: Darebin Libraries, Nortcote Leader)