Completed Projects

The first stage phase of the Master Plan was completed at the end of 2019. The project included a major upgrade and extension to the library & mezzanine spaces. This delivered two additional classrooms as well as a new senior school learning hub, connecting learning spaces on the first floor.
The project also included an upgrade to student and staff amenities and improved accessibility.
South Oval Upgrade
The South Oval upgrade was completed in August 2019. The school uses the oval daily for education and sports and the local community access it after hours. The oval has hosted many community events, including athletics carnivals, school concerts and graduation ceremonies. The new outdoor space has enabled students and staff to expand learning and play opportunities to all year round.


The project has also enabled a partnership with Darebin Falcons sporting club as a training facility.

Solar Panels
The Sustainability Working Party were successful in a grant application for a significant amount of solar panels as part of the Victorian Schools Building Authority’s (VSBA) ‘Greener Government School Buildings’ initiative. These additional solar panels located on the main building further support the school's approach to sustainability, alongside the solar panels located on the Learning Centre.