Flexible & Remote Learning: Prep-Grade 2 & Specialists

Our junior school students have been involved in lots of fun and engaging learning activities during Remote and Flexible Learning in Term 3.

Prep: Our Prep students had an online party to celebrate 100 days of school. They spent the week thinking about what it might be like to be 100 years old and making decorations! It was great to see so many spritely 100 year old's dancing, laughing and celebrating this milestone.


Grade 1: Grade 1 students have been exploring Inventions through Writing Informative and Procedural texts, Reading and analysing the features of Non Fiction texts, learning Mathematical concepts such as length, weight, capacity and fractions, and applying those cross-curricular learnings to hands-on Inquiry mini-experiments!
Grade 1 students designed a 'Food As Art' project as part of their Inquiry about Inventions.
Grade 2:
 During the past few weeks, the Grade 2s have been working extremely hard at mastering the skill of informative writing. During this time, each student selected an animal to research in depth.  Students practised structuring their writing through the inclusion of titles and subheadings. Each student published their own work with their preferred style, allowing them to explore their creative side! 


During Term 3 remote learning, the Preps have been doing some under and overarm throwing and catching in P.E. They have been so creative with their videos and it has been fantastic to see them really getting involved in the lessons. Some of the highlights have been the “Angry Birds” lesson and seeing what mystery object they were catching in week 5.