Flexible & Remote Learning: Grades 3-6

Our senior school students have been finding many varied ways to demonstrate their knowledge and skills during Remote and Flexible Learning in Term 3.

Grade 4: Over the past two weeks, grade 4s have been learning about angles. We’ve learnt about right angles and the names given to angles that are smaller and larger than right angles - acute angles and obtuse angles. 
To demonstrate their knowledge of acute, obtuse and right angles, the grade 4s were asked to create a 3D structure and identify the angles within it. Check out some of the amazing things they came up with!

The Grade 4 students have been learning about how heat can cause a change of state between a solid and a liquid, and how heat transfers through different materials. To demonstrate their understanding, they took on the roles of scientist and engineer and conducted experiments and investigations to design and test a model of an invention that would insulate a container.

Students presented the work that they had done on their Inquiry Project in a video conference. They reflected on the entire process they had gone through and shared what they were most proud of, or where they felt they had learned the most. The learning tasks in the project included:

  • researching by conducting experiments and recording observations, 
  • investigating the properties of different materials to include in their models, 
  • conducting a fair test of their models against a control, and
  • communicating their work and their thinking through formal science reports and an informal presentation about their model.

Grade 5: Our Grade 5 students have been researching the Solar System. Their challenge was to create a model explaining orbit and scale in a creative way.

Grade 6:
The grade 6 students were given the task of showing their understanding of angles through creative pieces of either dance, drawings or the program scratch. Check out some of their brilliant pieces. We are so proud of all their hard work!