Mango Fundraiser

Bell Primary School will be fundraising with mangoes again this year.  When you buy mangoes through the Mango Fundraiser, you know the fruit is coming directly from the farm to you. The mangoes aren’t being held for long periods in storage or ripening rooms.

Cost:  $28 per tray.  Each tray contains approximately 7kg of mangoes. The number of mangoes per tray depends on the size of the fruit and may vary from 12 large Mangoes up to 23 small Mangoes.


Where to Purchase: On Qkr! from Monday 12 October 2020.


Delivery:  Will be confirmed a few days prior, but expected to be 7-11 December 2020.  Please note this is subject to the farm/courier and out of our control.


Orders close:  5.00pm on Thursday 29 October.


Collection:  From Bell PS (or local to) depending on COVID restrictions.


Queries:  Please contact


Round up your neighbours and relatives to place an order as well.  They can do so directly from the following Eventbrite link:  


The Bell FUNdraising Team